Picking a colour outside Harmony

Apparently this feature was discarded in Harmony 9? I thought it was quite useful to be able to pick a colour from anywhere on your desktop or on another software, and I was used to it since Opus. It’s quite practical to just pick a colour from an image you have on your computer without having to import it or copy the RGB values.

are you using lion?

No, I’m using “Snow Leopard” (10.6.8). So, it’s a Mac thing…? There’s another lesser important issue with mixed tool icons, which apparently doesn’t happen in the Windows version.

Well it was a known issue with lion which had been brought up by some members. But I think it is meant to work with snow leopard as far as i am aware.

It’s definitely not a Mac only thing…I have been missing that feature too on the PCs I have been using. I’m curious why such a convenient tool would be removed from upgraded/new versions of the software. I would love to see it come back!

I’d love to see it come back as well, but there are some limitations with what can be done, depending on the information that the different OS’s give us access to.

Of course, you can always import an image and then colour pick off that.