photoshop imports

Apologies in advance for the very elementary level of this question. When I import and vectorize a Photoshop image, I cannot use the eye-dropper on the image to select color. Is there a way to, within TBS, create a new palette based on the colors of a vectorized Photoshop or png image? (I’m in TBS 5, on a Mac.) Thanks.

The only way to create the palette is to do it manually. You can, however use the screen color selector in the color picker. This way you will be able to pick any color, including ones in your image.

Thanks very much, Simon. I’ve got it now.

I’m having trouble importing pretty much everything from photoshop 6 to toon boom studio 4.5, is it possible? importing, that is. ???

Importing photoshop files is supported in TBS with the PSD format.

If you still have problems, try exporting to another format such as tiff or jpeg.