Photoshop Groups for best workflow?

Hi, I’m just learning Toon Boom Animate 2 Pro; thinking seriously of switching over from AE and Flash since all graphics are puppets set up in PSD.

Question Part 1) I understand that to have objects put on a separate layer one simply puts them in a group in Photoshop before importing to Animate, but I’m wondering if there is a way to set up groups to be imported as symbols (for example, all the eyes in one “eye” symbol) in Photoshop?

Question Part 2) Or do I need to do this in Animate after they are imported in? And if so, any suggestions on the fastest workflow for doing this?

All my files are set up and ready to go for AE, but the lack of inverse kinematics (except for a helpful, but somewhat limited plug-in) is driving me nuts… if I can translate layers/groups to symbols quickly, that’ll likely have me sold!

Thanks for any and all tips!

You don’t actually need to put your drawings on symbols. In fact, I would recommend that you stay away from working in symbols, as you really don’t need to use symbols when working in Animate Pro 2. I would just recommend that you group your elements in Photoshop as you said, then import them into Animate Pro 2, then without converting them to symbols, simply drag and drop these layers on top of each other to set up a hierarchy. Now use the pivot tool to set the pivots on the layers. Now you can begin to use the IK tool right away! No need to use symbols.

Toon Boom Support