photoshop group layer and drawing substitution


I tried importing photoshop file into my toon boom file, I basically put all the body parts in different group/folder in photoshop and drawing substitution inside the related folder.
it worked fine with one character that has 2 different body shape, and harmony did import the folder as one drawing/element with 2 drawing substitution, but for some reason i don’t understand, it totally messed up the other character.
Some of the groups did import as separate elements but some got merged with other elements and the drawing substitution was all over the place, for example the arm suddenly become one drawing with the body (see example), even though I’ve checked the photoshop file and they are clearly in their own separate folder.
I don’t understand how this happened? is it a bug with my harmony or harmony doesn’t really work with photoshop rig?


Hmm, can you provide a screenshot of the Photoshop group structure and naming instead?

It should work if you only use ASCII characters on layer names and groups (no spaces or hyphens, only letters, numbers and underscore), don’t use identical names in groups and number the layers in groups with more than one drawing…

For instance,

ARM - group
arm - layer

HAND - group
1, 2, 3 or hand1, hand2, hand3 - layers

should import one ARM layer with one arm drawing and one HAND layer with three drawings.

Luis Canau

Have you found a solution to this problem? I have the same issue.