Photoshop Canvas Size import to Toon Boom Harmony


I was wondering if a 7 x 5 @ 300 resolutions sized canvas from Photoshop could be imported into Toon Boom Harmony?

For scale, see attached.

Thanks for reading!
Kenny M.

There is no file attached to your post as of this moment.

Are you planning to use it as a background?

It should import but you may want to reduce the resolution if it is not needed to help keep the project file size smaller.

The file is not uploading for some reason… I’ll work on it for ya.

I do plan on using Photoshop to make backgrounds and using them as backgrounds for Toon Boom. How do I reduce the resolution? Also, could the entire Photoshop image fit within the “camera view” in Toon Boom, or does it need to be adjusted based on the size?