Photoshop Brush Importing

I have the Mr. Natural Brush by Kyle T Webster for Photoshop [ ] and would like to use it in toon boom, and I was wondering if I just had to import the brush texture, or if there was a way to get all the brush settings into toon boom to make its own brush preset.

Thanks Matisse for the explanations! I was just in photoshop playing with some new brushes and wondered how to do this.


From what I can tell the settings are similar but not entire 1-to-1. You’ll have to manually create the brush. I’ve done this myself for Kyle’s Animator Pencil and I was able to get pretty close to what he did in PS. While Harmony’s Bitmap brushes are pretty flexible, PS’s are a bit more feature-rich.

Are there any toonboom Harmony brushes avaible on the net that you could download. Are any harmony artist sharing their brushes?

Hi RizzPoP,

I myself use the Kyle T Webster brushes too, both in Photoshop and Harmony, in vector and bitmap.
Since you cannot import an .abr file in Harmony, you have to save the brush as a .psd.

Here is the procedure for using Photoshop brushes on Harmony vector lines:

  1. Create a Photoshop file. The size format can be anything, but I recommend having a canvas that isn’t longer than the height of your brush line. Here is a tip: The more texture variety you want in your pencil line, the wider the file should be and the longer the texture you’ll draw should be as well.
  2. Draw a line with the PS brush or tool of your choice. Make sure the line you draw meets both the left and right edges of the Photoshop canvas. If it doesn’t, it will result in a dashed line once imported into Harmony.
  3. Adjust the line in Photoshop so that the line pattern can repeat itself seamlessly.
  4. Save the Photoshop file.
  5. In Harmony, click on the Pencil tool and head to the Tool Properties view. Click on the > arrow, next to the preview of the pencil line to go deeper into its properties.
  6. In the Texture tab, click on the icon looking like a sheet of paper to access a drop-down menu.
  7. Click on New Texture, go locate the .psd file you just created and proceed with the import.
  8. You can now draw using your texture. Feel free to explore more of your texture mapping options with the Edit Gradient/Texture tool located in the drop-down menu of the Contour Editor tool -the white arrow-.


Hi again RizzPoP,

Here is the procedure for importing Photoshop brushes for a Harmony bitmap usage:

  1. Create a Photoshop file the size of the brush you will stamp in it.
  2. Locate your brush, stamp in the canvas until you get what you want and save the file.
  3. In Harmony, create a bitmap layer.
  4. Click on the Brush tool and head to the Tool Properties view. Click on the > arrow, next to the preview of the brush stroke to go deeper into its properties.
  5. In the Tip tab, click on the drop-down menu icon, click on Add, go locate the .psd file and import it.
  6. Once imported, you can use all the other properties to customize your brush.

Have fun!