Photoshop BG Rippling with Camera Movement

Well, I have been having a blast learning Toon Boom 5.0, making my share of mistakes, but now I’ve come up against something I don’t see any answers for.

When setting up a slow pan with a camera on a peg, the background begins to ripple. But only when I test it or export it. Within Toon Boom, the camera and all animation work fine, but when I export it, I notice a strange rippling effect on the background.

The background was created (drawn) in Photoshop, then imported/vectorized into Toon Boom. Everything else was drawn in Toon Boom (and there is no rippling effect). I’ve tried exporting the background image from Photoshop both as a straight .psd and as a Gif, but the rippling remains.

If the camera is static, there is no rippling.

Any thoughts? Or is this Toon Boom’s way of insisting I use it as a drawing tool rather than Photoshop?


This may be caused by the fact that your background is not the same size as the exported movie. Artifacts may be created when the image is resized at export.

Try resizing the image in Photoshop to a size that matches your animation resolution. In TBS, your animation resolution is displayed in File > Animation Properties…

Ah, good suggestion. I did resize the image. I’ll try maybe re-importing and not re-sizing at all and do a camera test.