Photo cut-out puzzle

Hi all. After my seventh attempt at importing a photoshop file, cutting the character into segments, establishing hierarchy, adding master peg, etc. I am no further ahead.
When I go to set the pivot points, on every occasion, something has been seriously wrong. The segments are tethered to spots way higher than the character. The advice I received suggested moving the pivot point to the center of the character, which I did. It seemed ok until I built the hierarchy again, then the old problem arose, when I switch to the camera view my character is awash in a sea of “flotsam”. I found this flotsam by accident while experimenting with the scissor tool. This would seem to indicate that the imported photoshop files are “dirty”, that despite my careful and diligent work to ensure my cut-outs were “clean” they were not.
What are my options now? Do I need to import the entire photograph into toonboom to cut the object from the backdrop? What do I need to do to get a usable object?

I think i know what you are talking about.
what i have done because i have encountered something like this myself.
is make sure you have the correct element hierarchy. go into camera mode make sure that you have all the elamets in the parents that you want them to be-then add the pegs and place them to the spot where you want them to be. i have done this in not the camera view and i will have things moving where they dont belong.
i hope this makes sense

If any Drawing Element has image fragments (however small, even a pixel), then ToonBoom assumes they are all part of the Drawing Element.

When you come to locating the Pivot Points ToonBoom may start to do wierd stuff. It doesn’t just see the cut-out part you’re playing around with, but all the other image fragments (even if you can’t see them). You also have this problem when you import a PNG file with it’s Alpha layer. (You need to remove te Alpha Layer).

To clean up the images:
1) Select each Drawing Element in turn
2) Use the “Reposition all Drawings” Tool. That will show ALL the parts that ToonBoom can see in that Drawing Element. Once you know where the “crap” is:
3) Use the Scissor Tool and select all the unwanted floss and hit the Delete key. Repeat on all the offending Drawing Elements.