Photo Cut Out Animation

I have been through all of JK’s tutorials about photo cut out animation and they have been a huge help. Unfortunately, I’m a bit confused about how to actually do the character’s mouth. I understand that I need to cut out and create a copy of the chin section in a new drawing element. I am confused about how to put the parts back together. Should the chin just be a separate part that “free floats” over the head to look like a moving mouth or should it move up and down on a very short movement peg path? Also, is there any way to combine this with the auto lipsync function so that Toon Boom would position the chin/mouth as it would with a drawn mouth element?

JK, thanks for the tutorials. Without them I would have given up long ago.

If you look in the tutorial, I show a picture of the timeline track label list. I used a peg element called “Peg-Head” to collect the “Lower Mouth” element and the “Head” element in that order. Then the “Lower Mouth” is positioned and key framed by using the Transform tool (7). It is just simple keyframing to achieve different mouth positions. Tweening is used between keys to transition the opening and closing of the mouth.

As to using the automated lip sync feature this could be accomplished by creating a series of mouth positions by duplicating the lower mouth image across 8 cells and adjusting it with respect to the head on each cell to produce different mouth openings (this would be a cells approach as opposed to a keyframing approach). So the mouth would be physically located slightly different on each cell. Each mouth position cell would be labeled a,b,c,d,e,f,g or x to correspond to the Lip Sync standard mouths. Then you could map them to your sound element and it would automate the lip syncing for you.

Hope this helps-JK

Thank you very much.