Photo Cut-Out Animation - New In TBS V4.0

I have been holding off posting to the Cartooning In Toon Boom blog waiting for the release of TBS V4.0 so that I could begin posting new articles and tutorials that included the features of this newest version.

Here are the links to the latest posts:

Introduction To Photo Cut-Out Animation Part 1

Introduction To Photo Cut-Out Animation Part 2

I hope that these two new tutorial style posts will help to introduce the new Import and Vectorize With Textures command and how to get started using it to do Photo Cut-Out style animations. -JK

Thankyou JK!!

Your commitment to the TBS community is appreciated in all corners of the world!!


Thanks for the tutorial, nice animation.

I did a quick recreation and posted in my site


Thanks JK,

It’s good to get some headsup on some of the new features of TBS.

Thanks for the positive feedback, I hope that the two part tutorial will help to introduce the potential of the Import and Vectorize with Texture command. I’m planning to post additional articles on this subject that will continue the exploration of this significant new feature. I’ll also be posting articles featuring other new features which I have found to be really useful, several of which are really easy to overlook on your initial pass through exploring V4. I’ll also be updating and adding to the Wiki to bring it up to date on the new features and enhancements of existing features. -JK

Yes, that’s right. The bit mapped image is inside a “vector box” so I can draw and paint on it just like any other vector drawing.


Thanks so much for going to all the trouble to put this tutorial together, JK!

If the first two parts of the series on Photo Cut-Outs got your attention then you will be pleased to see that I just posted an addition to the series of tutorials showing ways to use the new “import and vectorize with textures” command.

Here is the link:
Introduction To Photo Cut-Out Animation Part 3

If you ever wanted to do a JibJab style of cartoon or if you are wanting to learn more and get really motivated about making animated content that requires little or no drawing, or you still haven’t upgraded to V4.0 because you aren’t sure it is worth it, then this tutorial is just for you. Just get out your Toon Boom scissors tool and start cutting. And there is still more that can be done with the new “import and vectorize with textures” command. So stay tuned. -JK

A lot of people are going to find this one helpfull, very well put together JK. I don’t know where you find the time to do these, but thanks again for doing them :slight_smile: