phenoms removing

I have a mouth drawing that I imported from my library. I wanted to make a couple of changes and then save the new mouth to my library again.

Problem is when I created the new drawings it titled them 1 2 3 respectively. Now I want to delete the x a and b drawings so I can rename my new drawings to those.

Is there a way to do this vwothout creating a whole new element? I can see all of my drawings in the cell propertie3s window but there is no place to actually delete anything.

When I try to rename them it simply states that name exists and I don’t have the option to save over the old drawings.

To manage drawings in a scene go to your library, select the “Animation” group. Inside that group will be every scene. Expand the scene you’re looking for, delete unwanted drawings and rename those you want to keep.

The exposure sheet will update automatically with the new drawing name.

Thanks for the info. This worked great.

I have watched lots of tutorials etc. This would be a great addition to the book!