Phantom color change?

I created a character that is entirely black and white. Somehow the character has turned to red and white. All the black lines and fills of the character have turned to red. The changed has taken effect in every scene the character is in. I don’t know how I did it, and I don’t know how to change it back, other than individually selecting each part of the cut out character in drawing view and changing each part back to black. But that’s not how the character turned red. Somehow it happened all at once.

Ideas? ???

Here is what I suspect happened and also how to reverse the change.

Your black color swatch existed on a color palette when you were painting with it. Later you changed the color of that specific swatch to red (probably unintentionally).

TBS’s color management system automatically repaints all drawings that use a specific color swatch anytime you update the swatch itself.

So here is the fix. Using the dropper tool on your drawing palette click on the red (that should be black) on any drawing in your project. That will automatically find and select the source swatch on your color palette. Then go to the color palette and double click on that selected swatch to open the color editing dialogue and change the swatch back to its original color which was black in your case. That will automatically repaint all the associated red on all your drawings. You inadvertently stumbled on a powerful TBS feature. Powerful when used appropriately and kind of devilish when used accidentally-JK

Yep. That did it. Thanks for the fix, JK. And you’re right, that feature will come in handy.

Now that you’ve identified the swatch, you may want to name it something like “ink” so that you know what it was used for.