Pesky little problem!

I am designing a character, I have all the parts on different layers already, the next step is to start creating symbols.

The problem is that there is this line that I made with the Polygon that I cannot delete. I’ve tried everything and I can’t select it to delete it.

I went layer by layer, hiding each one, one by one, but the Pesky line does not disapear on any of them. The only way it disapears is if I hide ALL the layers.

Here is a video I made to show you what I mean.

Anyone else had this problem before? and how the heck do I fix it?

I haven’t seen it before, but I am willing to try and get rid of it if you want to email it to me (you know my address).

Good luck with the comp!

Thanks, Raider I am going to send it to you.

I found out that it is on the Max_torso layer on frame 4. I figured out a way to fix it by just creating a new layer and copying the art on them, but I am curious to know if this can be fixed for future reference.

Well I completely stumped. You should keep this aside. Lilly might want to see this because it appears to be a technical glitch.

You can’t select it use any of the drawing select tools, however when you slowly erase it you can see it disappear only for it reappear. When you go to drawing it doesn’t show however it counts a selection using the animate select tool.

Also you have another stray one on the right leg in the first frame, however that one can be deleted unlike this diehard line. Also it looks more like a stray line tool than polygon.

Yeah, it belonged to the neck or head, I think. I also spotted another one in the helmet layer on frame2. This is wierd, but trying to retrace my steps, I think it happened after I hit the “remove extra strokes” selection but I am not 100% sure on that.

Maybe I will show it to Lilly or Tech support. Thanks.

BTW- I put up my first rough animatic on Youtube. Not to sure on the ending yet, I might have Maximus cut off his head or something.

Looks interesting, can’t wait to see it finshed.

Although you are over twice the 15 seconds lol

The hardest part will be keeping to 15 seconds

thanks, ;D

Yeah I know, Justin changed or clarified the rules a bit, he said the “minimum” is 15 seconds, but we can go over. Just don’t expect any kind of advantage for going over, but definately do not go under 15.

I think he was just trying to make it easier for us. It is almost impossible to make anything of any quality in 15 seconds.

Wait to you see how it looks with the BG’s. I think it will atleast look good. Maybe 5th or 6th place wont be to bad.

oh that really sucks.

I was hoping he wuold keep a strict 15-20 seconds cause that would make it a challenge. I think it would of made some really interesting entries.

of course you are going to have an advantage if you have 30 seconds

The way I see it, if it’s good it’s good whether it is in 5 seconds or 15 seconds, if it’s bad it could be 1 hour and it is still bad.

I’m shooting for something in the middle. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is what Justin said,

"Yeah lets say 15 seconds is the minimum then. I just wanted to give everyone an easy baseline of 15 seconds, because thats probably about a weekends worth of work. But if you want to do more, sure. "

I think the best ones will twist the scene a bit.

Like not just copy in toon or rotoscope.

But change it and add their own flavour.

Like do alice and wonderland but make it same dark nightmare

Yeah I agree, but for that you need imagination and I lack it ::slight_smile:

Plus I don’t want to get too crazy, my knowledge of Animate is very limited. I might just go ahead and cut off commodus head, that’s as crazy as I will get.

Damn I want to win sooo bad, I can just imagine having Pro, but to tell you the truth I want Storyboard pro more than I want Animate Pro.

i want to enter too, but just for fun, but i don’t think i will get time. But I love to spinal tap remake of stonehenge in 15 seconds
would be so lol

You want to create your own film and you have no immagination. I am worried ;D ;D ;D

lol, your worried imagine how I feel? I have some imagination, it just gets limited if I am working on something that I am not 100% inspired to do.

The motivation for this competition is to win AnimatePro, but the assignment itself is… lets just say i’d rather be working on Eric. I face different obstacles on my own projects like too much nit picking, and dissatisfaction with everything. I canot tell you how many bgs I have done for eric, in different styles, and can’t choose which one to go with.

I need an art director or something to tell me “go with that one!”

Sorry I’m out of town at the moment so I’m a bit slower in responding. Is it possible that you drew the pesky little line on the colour art layer instead of the line art layer?

I can see from your video that you have enabled the Advanced Art mode, which allows you to paint on the colour art and line art layers separately.

Could this be your problem? Just click on the blue “colour art” icon next to the line art icon at the bottom of your camera view, then try to delete the line again.

Also another way of seeing what’s going on here is to go to the drawing view. In the drawing view, if you have “Preview line art and colour art” turned off, then you will only see the line art when the line art icon is selected, and you’ll only see the colour art when the colour art is selected. This might help you to diagnose this problem.

Hope this helps!

Toon Boom Support

Those are great things to try, but I did find that it was on the helmet layer and torso, but I will try what you say and see. Fortunately, it was not a big deal cause it was not a long timeline, but if something like this where to happen on a thousand + frame timeline I’d be in big trouble.

Lilly you are perfect as always. That was the problem!

Alex I think you should just got for something to at least get a test done. If you don’t you will be forever stuck in that loop. You can always change once it done if you don’t like the final result. Plus it is easier to gather feedback. I am always willing to give an opinion in private if you want another point of view. Plus once you have some stuff you can start working on other things like music. You don’t want to get to the end of the project and then be waiting for music from someone. That will just drive you mad into making more changes!

Wow Lilly does it again. That was it :stuck_out_tongue:

Raider I understand what you are saying but to me it is alot easier to have the Audio layed down whether it be music or voice acting, so I can animate to it and work on the timing in the Animatic stage. Once I get past this the rest is history.

I have tried to rewrite stonehenge in 15 seconds and failed. I got it down to less than 30 seconds (29.something) but I then want a 16 second final scene + credits of tonight im gonna rock you so would be 45 seconds all up.

Still debating if i should enter.

edit 27.4 seconds wooooo

PS if you have no idea what I am on about go to youtube and search for “Spinal Tap Stonehenge”

That stuff looks develish. Go for it! … but what if you win? then you will have 2 copies of Pro? LOL here I want 1 and you would be sitting at home with 2. that would suck … for me. :’(

I put another version, and other than the part where he draws his sword, I think I might go with this one.