Perspective tool + text

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I’m trying to draw the straight talk express for a cartoon I’m working on, but I can’t seem to get the text change perspective via the perspective tool. It draws a box around the text that I can modify appropriately, but the text seems to just ignore it. Any tips?



To be able to modify text element you will first need to break the text apart 2 times to transform it in vector. For more information you can consult the following article which covers a similar topic:

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You need to convert your text object into a shape object before you can deform it with the perspective tool. To convert the text object use the Tools>Break Text Apart command twice. You select your text and then use the Break Text Apart command and then with the text still selected you use the Break Text Apart command a second time. The first time breaks the text into individual letters and the second time converts the letters into shapes.

Now you can select the text shapes which are no longer text objects but rather shape objects and you can use the perspective tool to deform the letters. The only warning is that once you convert text to a shape it can’t be edited with the text tool so be sure your text reads how you want it before the conversion. -JK

GREAT! hours of experimenting over!

I broke it down once, who would’ve guessed 2 was the magic number?

Thank you