Perspective tool disabled


For some reason, my “Perspective Tool” as been disabled.
No matter what I do, I can’t distort any drawings or picture anymore.
I can select the tool, and select segments I wish to modify, but as soon as I try to “click and drag” to distort, it simply clicks and select whatever else there is, never distorting anything!
I have tried a bunch of tricks, accessing the tool through different ways, changing it’s short key, reseting all settings… I even uninstalled the software and re-installed it: Nothing Works!

I really need some help here, and since I’m using the software professionally, this kind of thing seriously jeopardizes my work.

Thanks for your help.

Is it drawn directly or imported image? It will not work if it is imported as image for sure. Do you have the example of the scene?

Hi, Thanks for your help.

This happens to me on drawn images. (which is why it’s a real problem)
I’m pretty sure that it comes from some kind of hot key that I must’ve hit by mistake, I just can’t find it again!

It worked fine up to now, it’s really strange.

A similar thing also happened this morning, while thought is was typing in some text, I suddenly realised that windows where poping in and out all over the place: The text box wasn’t activated, and all the keys I hit triggered some shotkeys everywhere. In the end, it was the motion tool that I couldn’t use anymore!

Do you have a list of shortkeys so I can try and go back to these original settings ?

Thanks for any help you can give me,