Perspective tool changing the vector line

I’m having a problem using the perspective tool:

I’ve drawn my lines with the pencil tool and if I select and deform it using the selection tool I have no issues, but when I try using the perspective tool or the envelope tool the vector line itself changes, so if I try to deform it the shape will change entirely. It looks like its having less vector points using the perspective tool than when using the selection tool.

This is a new problem I’ve encountered and makes the perspective tool unusable since the lines change too drastically.

Anyone know how to change or control this?

Pictures in the attachments showing how the vector line isn’t the same using and deforming the perspective tool

Screen Shot 2018-08-28 at 14.43.41.png

This problem has been fixed by going into the Envelope tool and lowering the smoothing option in the tool properties. Apparently these are linked together!