perspective text .

I have been waiting a long time for SBPRO to offer the function of being able to put text in perspectively to find out today that it has been there all along but hidden in a stupid process of button pressing and submenu shenanigans .
In case there are any out there who are wondering how -

Type in your text
Drag across text to select it
press alt S on the keyboard
Make sure your text is still selected
Right click to bring up menu - select convert - break apart text layers

Again make sure your text is selected using the select tool - you should then be able to use the perspective tool to distort your text with perspective so that it fits your drawing correctly .

Its a mess of a process but at least it works .

Toon boom please - next patch please update so that; - I type text - I then draw a marquee round the text with the perspective tool - and drag to distort text . that’s all it needs.