Perspective lines..question

I can make my perspective lines on a layer but how do I change the layers opacity so they are barley visible? I see the grid has that “kind of” built in but for my customized things like a 5-pt perspective, etc… how would I do this. I can’t seem to find an layer opacity setting. I am using the Pro 9.2 trial version.


PS - is there a snapping feature so when I draw perspective lines with the line tool I can start from the same vertices?

Is it Toon Boom Studion or Animate Pro or Harmony 9.2?
All are different products and different ways to work.

If you are using Toon Boom Studio, you could always turn down the opacity of your colour (black, for example) before you start ruling your perspective lines. Also, instead of the line tool, you could use the polyline tool. Click on your first vanishing point, then a second point. Click on the same second point to deselect it. Then click on your first vanishing point again, and then a third point. Just keep repeating this until you have all the lines that you need. There may be a better way to do it, but it works for me.