'Perspective' as an 'advanced animation' tool

Why is it we can’t use the perspective tool (underneath edit gradient) in Animate as something we can animate over time, like ‘transform’ or ‘rotate’? This in my opinion is a glaring oversight and I would love to see it added as a feature going forward.


I have not yet experimented with Quadmaps! Thank you for the heads-up; I will be sure to explore this tonight! Helpful as always, Lilly!

Well the Perspective tool is one of the Drawing tools, not an Animation tool. You can modify a selection in Perspective, but not a whole drawing.

What we do have though is the Quadmap layer, that does something similar. You can add a Quadmap, and then you can use the Transform tool to animate the corners of the Quadmap in perspective. Have you had a chance to check this out?