Personal opinion at the end of my evaluation.

Hy everybody :slight_smile:

well i’ DL the 3.0.1 demo version for discovering TBS , i really love the interface, the way it works. For thatTBS is a great piece of software ! But it is not for what i’ve seen a product i can rely on for my project !

Toon boom for the drawing & painting part is great !

But when you want to import images for background or even mix sound it always crash !

when you leave the vectoriel part of the process TBS is always crashing !

Finally i prefer flash ! bad interface compare to TBS but you can rely on it for final compositing of sound & background

just my opinion !

Sebastian wrote:

It’s a shame you’ve had these problems :(. I’ve been importing images and mixing lots of sounds without any difficulty. Toon boom has crashed a couple of times in other circumstances: it seems to be when I’m also watching TV in a window ; presumably invoking some kind of graphics card clash.

It may be worth checking all your drivers and directx. It would be a shame to miss out on the functionality you like if the cause of your problems lies elsewhere and can be fixed.

well i don’t know maybe it’s coming from my hardware !

here si my config

- CG : 6800 GT
- CPU : AMD Athlon 64 3400+ s754
- MB : MSI K8n - Neo Fsr
- Ram : 2Go Crucial

maybe an nvidia driver pb … don’t know , but for my experience , when it comes to Import/Export TBS is Unstable !

Thanks for your reply !

PS : Anyway i will try in the futur you new trial release in order to see if it works better

Sebastion wrote:

Just to clarify… I’m nothing to do with the suppliers of Toon Boom, I’m just a user.

;D sorry for the confusion teamtech !

i was thinking that you were a member of the technical team at TBS ! ;D