Perpetual license w student pricing?

Good after noon, I was wondering if a person that is in school, can get the perpetual license with a student discount? I have been told if I ask, certain places can do that. Is there a certain amount that can be taken off perpetual license for a student? I mean it obviously wont come with updates, and 2,000 is a bit extreeme when the monthly cost is so little but I highly dislike being billed directly monthly. I never know what tomorrow brings, so again I was wondering if there is anyway I could get a discount on the perpetual license

My guess is that you want a perpetual license because you need to work offline.

However, every student discounted version of software I purchased in my life could not be upgraded. If this is the case with TB it means it will eventually be useless. You will eventually have to fork out the price of a full version license or a subscription and you cannot sell the student license if TB allows the sale of any of their licenses. It is simply an outlay of money that cannot be used as a springboard (financially) to a future version. A student discount would not come at a price making that a sound investment but that is subjective. Maybe you have an inheritance coming to you soon and need something to tie you over.?

Internet access aside, it can be viewed as a bargain and miracle that you have access to Premium in the form of a subscription without the large outlay of money even though you do not own the license. (I am speaking as someone who has owned and upgraded perpetual licenses of Harmony since TB Animate Pro was discontinued).

Not knowing why you want the perpetual rather than a subscription I can only suggest that you devote your attention towards bridging whatever gap impairs your ability to utilize a subscription.

I do not believe that is possible. Supposedly the main reason for having inexpensive or free student licenses is to allow the student (who presumably has limited funds and is not making any income from using the software) to learn how to animate using the software … but more importantly it also indoctrinates the student into a certain way of doing things so they are much less likely to be open to learning about other software when they leave school, because they are already deep inside the Toon Boom way of doing things (so it’s actually a smart marketing tool)

I am also not particularly a fan of the monthly subscription model. Of course, it means less expense up front to start using the software , but when you consider that if you are going to use the software regularly for years to come then you’re going to be paying month after month , year after year … in the long run you’re paying a lot more for the software. If you’re a professional freelance animator and you need to use a specific software because that’s what the studios who will hire you are using then that is one of the costs of doing business and you write it off on your taxes as a business expense. If you’re primarily a hobbyist doing animation for your own enjoyment you might consider other options, such as free programs like Krita or OpenToonz , or very inexpensive programs such as Rough Animator (which can be imported into Harmony later if you decide you want to add fancy stuff with camera moves and compositing in Harmony)