Perpective Guides like in Storyboard Pro 5.5


I’m quite sure that I saw that feature request recently here on the forum. But, as I don’t find it anymore I just post it here again.

Using Harmony also for Illustration and BG drawings I think that it would be great to have the perspective guides (introduced in Storyboard Pro 5.5) in Harmony as well.

I agree with stefman. Please add this feature to Harmony as well.

Yeah after trying it out in storyboard 5.5 i’m not exactly sure i’d want to even make backgrounds in harmony anymore without this. Quite a pickle.

I agree. The quadmap has some of the right capability but it is not sufficiently controllable. I wont go into the problems with the quadmap but the SB perspective tool is what is needed in Harmony

I’m pretty sure they are going to release a Harmony 14.5 version to correspond with the features of Storyboard 5.5

Do you have concrete evidence of this idea of a 14.5 or is it purely speculative?

It has seemed like Harmony and Storyboard Pro upgrade patterns exist in separate universes. Not to say they do not work together but you would think each would receive all of the other’s advances in turn as they would apply to their unique purposes. This has not been consistently the case. SBP seems to receive more workflow advances while Harmony receives expanded functionality. SBP is more of a workflow tool anyway. Storyboarding is just storyboarding. Harmony being an animation system encompasses a wider range of upgrade possibilities.

Software companies have to ration advances. You don’t want to offer too much or too little. If you are on an annual major upgrade path, a full step major upgrade that is merely enhancements to workflow would be disappointing to many but a half step consisting of nothing but improvements to existing features would be welcomed as long as it was priced accordingly.

…my subjective observation and opinion.