Permanent License, 2 codes

Hi All

So I was wondering, I upgraded to Harmony 15 a little while back, but noticed I also have my old Harmony 12 license code still on my products page.

Is it possible to still use my old Harmony 12 on my tablet while still using Harmony 15 on my main PC? Seeing as they have different license codes?

Also is there a reason why permanent or perpetual license owners can’t use harmony on 2 PCs? I can understand 3+ PCs being excessive but man, for the price of the software it would be really cool to have my software on both my tablet and main PC.


Hi Chris,

I would love to answer your question but I would need to confirm what licenses you have available if you want more help email us at

However, if you have a valid license for Toon Boom Harmony 12 you will be able to run it in a different machine.

Best Regards,

Technical Support Specialist
Toon Boom Animation

AH no problem, I will e-mail shortly. Thanks for your swift response. :slight_smile:

Hi Chris,

You can run V15 on 2 PCs, not simultaneously, but swapping between the two. You have to return the license on one device, and reactivate on the other each time you want to swap. Many people do this when working between home and office. It’s just a real pain when you forget to return the license.

If you have two different licenses you can definitely have two versions of Harmony at once. I too have a perpetual license for V12, and a subscription for V16 so I can run them at the same time, but I prefer to use the most recent version and return/reactivate my license code each time I swap machines.