permanent brush lag after switching real time aa on to off?

i have encountered another problem. i wanted to sharpen up my vector lines by trying out the full scene aa and then that worked good at a setting of 4 but i was still unsatisfied with the end result so i turned that off (but didnt restart, i think) and tried real time aa. I was happy with it set at 4 too. I didnt experience any lag as a lot of others might say…

So anyway i decided to turn everything off, close my current project and open another one i was previously working on. I went back and added only real time aa and then things didnt go right anymore, everytime i tried appling brush strokes, it goes smoothly down and follows my mouse with no problem but right after the stroke there is a considerable lag.

Ex: i make a brush stroke, then it lags. Cant undo or make another quick brush stroke right after. The little circle mac wheel starts spinning for a few seconds… i tried everything under the sun from converting pencil lines to brush, to flatting out my image, changing templates to a new scene, drawing in the drawing view, setting every anti-aliasing off, checking to see if my toon boom file is abnormally large, and other things i cant remember.

thank you for your time.

yeah so what happened was i used textured brush for drawing a decent part of the scene and that created some lag which went away by repeatingly flattening the whole image from time to time. Now, the lag after brush stroke was solved by selecting a small drawing area and converting to pencil line then after converting back to brush line. And last, undo both actions to original textured brush strokes.

I was able to draw fine again but this time im sticking with non textured brush from now on until this glitch is fixed. Im getting a little frustrated with the program. The more i study it the more limitations and workaround it has, but that will be for a new thread. Thanks for reading.

You should use Full-Scene Antialiasing instead of Real-Time Antialiasing because the Real-Time one is a resource hog; only use it if you have a killer graphic card and even then it is prone to odd behavior due to the different ways that OpenGL can be implemented in graphic card drivers.