Performance & speed with complex scenes

I was using an HP G60 with Toon Boom 4 and I made a scene with significant complexity. There are several characters each with several layers for cut out articulation. The scene got to the point where it is unworkable. When I go to move a character, it freezes up and takes a long time for the screen to refresh.

This was pretty frustrating, I actually went out and got a brand new laptop to fix the issue. I bought an ASUS i7 with 6 Gigs of RAM, the graphics card is a ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5870, my Base Score is 5.9. I transferred Toon Boom to the new computer and moved my files over. SAME THING! The i7 processor is screaming fast! The graphics card is top of the line, I don’t understand why complicated scenes become unmanageable even with super fast computers. The scene I am working on is basically the background of my youtube page. You can see it at

I am wondering if Toon Boom 6 has worked out bugs and is more compatible with higher end computers. Am I just going to have to simplify? I even made another set that has the background as a sketch… still slow. Let me know what you think!

We need to see if the crashing is related to the specific project or if it occurs when using TBS 4 on your computer environment.

If it happens on the new project as well, you should try with the TBS 6 trial version.

If it happens only to that project, you can send it to for testing.

Nice look on your animation, thanks for sharing!