Performance question


I upgraded to Pro And am still having a performance issue I don’t know how to solve.

I have an app (anim pro) max memory usage sealing of 355 meg as per Task manager. At the magic 355 meg animate freezes or crashes on me. At 280 ish meg it gets lagy.

So how do I increase this limit as it’s way to small for hand drawn animation.

System memory usage at crash/ freeze time around 24% including Animates 355 megs. Leaving mult gigs unused by anything.

Any and all help Please.


intel 2.6 gig quad core processor.
Vista 64 pro
*8 gig ram
XT 2000 Nvid 1 gig card
2 terabytes SATA HD 90% free.
Dual 1680X 1050 monitors
Wacom Intuos 4 tablet PTK-840


What happens if you open up photoshop and use that much of your memory also?

It would be an interesting test to see if you crash still



The only software package that does this is Animate. PS CS4 500 meg test no problems and that’s over and above the 1.2 gig PS cs4 uses to run.

Manga Studio 4 full 120 page load color 3.8 gig usage no problem.

So its not a memory problem in my system.


The behavior you are having does not seem normal (had bigger project then that loaded on my machine which is of lower specs then yours).

Is this project specific or everything you may work on has this occurring?

If it is project specific it might be good to have a copy of the project for us to look at it and define what could be in cause.

On another hand, be aware that Windows Vista 64 was not actually approved for the software. It should be running in a similar way as the 32 bits version but we cannot guarantee that everything will be working in their optimal way.

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No this is project specific, it’s constant. I had similar limitations on my older computer running XP with Animate standard. I will play further and see what I can come up with.

Thank you for the reply.