Performance decreases significantly in Toon Boom Harmony Advanced

I am having issues with slow performance while trying to animate. When I open the file, flipping between drawings works fine but then quickly it takes longer and longer time until it becomes impossible to animate.

I’m suppose to do a animation test today for a job offer, so this is really irritating for me.

Anyone who knows and can tell me how to solve this as soon as possible?

I am using a macbook
macOS High Sierra 10.13.6
2,3 Ghz Intel Core i5
8 Go 2133 MHz LPDDR3
Intel Iris Plus Hraphics 640 1536 Mo

What version of Harmony are you using?

The specs on that Macbook are bare minimum for Harmony 20.

Performance is influenced by the complexity and size of the project.

You are unfamiliar with Harmony’s performance on the computer you plan on using to complete a test project for a job offer?

Add to this it seems that the more you need a computer to perform flawlessly the more likely it is to come up short

The takeaway here may be to feel the pain of blowing this one so you will be prepared in the future.