Pencil Tool Thickness Problem

I started animating this scene, so I used pencil tool so I wouldn’t have the pressure sensitive lines. But when I draw vertically I have a line thats too thick, but when I draw horizontally I get really thin lines that I hate, how do I fix this? HELP!!! I’ve tried restarting my computer, and relaunching the software, whats wrong???

Are you using the Transform tool? That affects the pencil as well as the drawings. I’ve had the same problem before.

(Also, the pencil does not have pressure sensitivity if you’re using Essentials)

Both the Pencil and Brush tools can have pressure sensitivity (<= Oops not the Pencil in Essentials …thanks Azutiel ). Are you using a tablet pen or a mouse? Can you upload a screen capture of this? Please include the Tool Properties window.

EDIT: Do you see the problem when using the Rectangle or Polyline Tools as well?