Pencil tool line problem

Occasionally when I am drawing with the pencil, upon taking my pen off the tablet (Bamboo Fun) a perfectly straight line will suddenly become part of the line I just finished. The pencil stroke size doesn’t seem to matter. Sometimes it’s short but other times it is long enough that the ends aren’t visible on screen. Is it just a bug in the pencil? It doesn’t happen with the brush tool.

Win7 64 with Geforce 9800GT. How do you mean by tablet preferences? I have control panel setting for it but no software specifically for it. I wish I couldre create the issue but it is intermittent at best.

Thanks for the help. I already installed the drivers previously but it doesn’t enable anything more than just some control panel options that don’t look anything more than regular Windows options. It may be a problem with my tablet or pen now that I think about it. I seem to recall the same thing happening in other programs too. I hope to have an answer soon enough.

It happened again. What makes me thing that it’s an Animate issue is that the line only forms after I am done drawing the line and let up on the tablet. It happened again a short time after when I drew a very small circle. Here’s a link to a screenshot. Hopefully it can shed some light on the issue.

Sorry. Yes I installed the drivers and do have the Wacom Control Panel that allows me to set the options. I’m pretty sure it’s not my tablet though. When I’m holding the pen down to draw none of my lines freak out like that. The wayward line only happens after I lift my pen and Animate calculates everything.

Thanks. I’m thinking it may have something to do with the zoom level and the (not so great) sensitivity of my Bamboo Fun. I don’t seem to have the issue when I’m in close on the image. If I have more trouble I’ll contact them. Thanks.

I’ve never heard of this particular issue before. You should try to delete the tablet preferences and reload the application and see if that helps. Also, what is your graphics card? Operating system?


That might be your problem right there. When you plug a tablet into a Windows computer it automatically loads the Windows driver for that tablet. Now you can use the tablet with that driver, however you won’t have access to the ability to modify the key settings for the tablet or anything like that. So go ahead and go to the Wacom website and download the driver for Bamboo that matches your operating system.


I’m sorry it wasn’t clear to me - did you install the driver for your tablet?


The two things that I would recommend would be to make sure that the graphics drivers for your graphics card are up to date to the latest. Then the second thing would be to go to the Wacom tablet properties and delete your preference file.

Now if neither of these solves the issue, then I recommend that you email directly so they can help to resolve your issue.