Pencil Tool Crash

I’ve been having a problem with my 10.0 version of Harmony. I want to use anti-aliasing display while I draw, but there seems to be some display glitch when I turn it on. Near the left side of the canvas, the line clips from solid to a kind of textured transparency. If I place a few more lines on the space that alters the line. It freezes and then crashes the application. I have combined a number of settings on the Open GL settings in the Preferences window, but have not been able to effect any solution. I have attached screenshots to show precisely what the issue looks like. If anybody has dealt with this, I’d appreciate help on the matter.

Here are some of my computers specs:

Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 (64-bit)

Intel Core i7-2600k CPU @ 3.40 GHz

16.0 GB ram

GeForce GTX 580 Graphics Card

The Real-time antialiasing is very demanding on the graphic card resources.
It can also cause some odd behavior depending on the graphic driver used.
All-in-all it’s safer to use the Full-Scene antialiasing instead.

Also I should mention this only happens with Real-time antialiasing turned on. When it it off there is no display glitch and no crashes. Also having full-scene anti-aliasing on also does not cause issues