Pencil Tool Basic Question

I have my pencil line set so that all strokes end with “round”.
But if I delete a point of the path, the new end is flat by default!!!
What gives??
Is there a way to change this?

There’s a tool called “Pencil Editor” (2nd icon group down on the tools toolbar,
same one that has the contour editor tool) that will let you do it. Select the pencil line
and widen, narrow the line at one of the control junctions.

If you want to taper lines on the fly (while drawing a line), the brush tool can do that.

Is selecting the line and clicking on a preset complicated? Before Luis Canau posted this solution I had three suggestions and at least one was truly complicated involving converting the pencil to brush and back again, if you did not have a chance to see them.

When you make a line that needs shortening people frequently use Undo and draw it again or use the Polyline tool instead of the Pencil or Brush. The Polyline tool is better when you cannot get the line you want freehand plus the Polyline tool leaves a rounded end after you delete an end point.

Use the Contour Editor to add to the center line. Use the Pencil Editor to add to the outer lines:
Press [Ctrl] (Windows/Linux) or [⌘] (Mac OS X) and click on the contour to add a new point to adjust the contour.

And the polyline is probably the most familiar tool if you’re used to work with Illustrator - I think, but I’m not an expert in Illustrator. But I don’t think it’s a good principle to use new softwares and try to do everything exactly as the other software, especially if you’re comparing illustration software with animation software. When using the pencil tool you can also just drag the points to make the line shorter (with the Contour Editor). But o0Ampy0o’s solution, of using the Polyline might be closer to what the original poster is looking for.

Of course, you can always work in Illustrator and import to Harmony.

Luis Canau

When you delete a point you are manipulating the vector line not making a pencil stroke. These are two different activities. One process is using a tool designed to simulate the behavior of a pencil. The other process is going in and changing a building block of the art. The same rules do not apply to both activities.

When you encounter this clipped off end problem… do what Luis Canau suggests below. (I had listed some suggestions but his is ideal so I deleted mine).

Wow, this all seems awfully complicated for such a basic problem.

I’m inking an animation using the pencil tool, and sometimes I have to delete lines that are too long. But whenever I do, the stroke changes to a flat end instead of round.

As I understand by your replies, there is no easy way to fix this.

This is a problem that Toon Boom has in general. Simple perks that other art software has already solved, made ridiculously user unfriendly and just plain annoying in Toon Boom. (In this case, Adobe Illustrator would the best standard to copy from when talking about vector lines, pen tools and such, I have no idea why Toon Boom has to make things different and less friendly/useful for no reason)

On the same subject:
I made a line with the pencil tool. How can I add a point to that line?

You mean that happens when you delete any point not just the start or end of the line? It shouldn’t happen when you delete a point on the middle. You can reset the edges to ‘round’ with the Pencil Editor tool or by selecting its (or another) preset with the line selected by the select tool. But, in any case, if I’m not missing anything, the edges should not change to ‘flat’ when deleting a point in the middle.

Luis Canau