Pencil to Animation

Hi, I am an illustration artist and I am thinking of starting something with actual animation with it. Can anyone please recommend me some basic tools for that? Were do I start? I have read so many articles and forums by now that I am not sure what would actually give me basics without going to a completely advanced level.

You can check out some of my work on

I was kinda in the same boat, although I’ve had experience with several different 2D animation applications. Do you have any of the ToonBoom software already? ToonBoom Studio is probably the most basic and most affordable, and then Animate and Animate Pro would be the next tier in 2D animation. Are you compleely sold on ToonBoom, or are you looking for alternatives as well? (I’ll probably get shot for this, but Animae Studio Pro is a really nice 2D animation package as well…)

ToonBoom has a fairly in=depth tutorial series available for Animate & Animate Pro here:

I noticed they do not (yet?) have tutorials as in-depth as these for ToonBoom Studio.

Another good tutorial reference is Kyu-bum Lee, and hs YouTube videos can be seen at:

And finally, there should be a book coming out around July or so by Adam Phillips for Harmony (which is identical to Animate Pro except Harmony has more features and built-in effects) and you can keep in the loop at

Personally, I love Toon Boom products. As far as what to suggest, it really depends on what works best for you and after looking at your work I would have to say that Toon Boom Studio would certainly be a good place to start to get the feel of animation at an affordable price. If you like like it you could upgrade to Animate. Download the free trial and go through some tutorials to see how you like it.

If you’d like to get the feel of animation with the least expense you might want to download and take it for a spin. It’s FREE. A really wonderful animation app at an affordable price is Anime Studio Pro: For more advanced natural media animation there’s TVPaint Animation: