Pencil Thickness Issue - Line weight inconsistency issue between scaled characters


Let me try to explain my problem…

Overview: I’m working on a project with several characters. We ultimately decided we needed these characters at a specific size. As a result, we scaled down a few characters (without a keyframe or anything) and then rigged the characters up to pegs. We set their hierarchies, adjusted z depth minimally, all that good stuff.

Characters made after the initial scaling were created at the 1:1 scale we agreed was appropriate for our project.

Well, once we got the scale locked down on these characters, we decided we wanted a consistent line weight for each of these characters. Which is when I hit my problem.

Problem: I have a pencil weight that I like on my scaled characters (originally starting out as double what we scaled them down to). This pencil weight is 6pt. I export the character, looks beautiful, yay.

Unfortunately, when I use this same 6pt pencil weight on a 1:1 character, it’s wayyyyy thicker looking on this guy, than on the character I had scaled down.

Question: What can I do to resolve an issue like this? I am hoping I do not have to redo all my characters. I’m trying to play with the Line Thickness settings outlined here:

But I’m just not having much luck. Not yet anyway.

Also, if it is as simple as a layer setting checkbox (really hoping that’s the case here :slight_smile: ), is there a way to bulk change all drawings affected?

– I think I have resolved the issue. Posting my resolution here in case anyone else out there has ever cared about something like this.

It looks like some employees were scaling the characters down using the Transform tool instead of the Select tool (which of course is silly and shouldn’t be done, but we’re learning with no experiencein Toon Boom so c’est la vie :slight_smile: )

My solution was to -

(1) first, select the character I was working with the scale on, and then I chose Animation > Reset All
(2) Then, I grabbed the root Peg, and set scale to x1 y1, as well as setting the x, y and, z path to 0
(3) Finally, I lassoed the entire character using the “Select Tool” and scaled down the character until it seemed the correct scale in both the camera and the drawing views. This seems to fix the consistency issues we were having when it came to line thickness.

We have since learned that the animation tools, initially, are evil and should not be touched until we are actually animating, hah.