Pencil texture render problem

So i have this problem with Harmony but from what i remember animate pro also has this option. And harmony forum is graveyard so maybe you will help me…

So in my new project i was using opacity texture for my pencil. I used Bumpy_thin_soft and now look at this. At the top there is a look form toon boom (open GL view) and in the bottom look after rendering.

as you can see there is a problem with pixels on the bottom picture. It not smooth on the edges. Icant imagine it should be that way.

So what should i do? i tried render to few different formats and that was the issue every time.

ive just checked other texture and found out that there is the same problem with almost everyone.

Also it looks bad in the render view. It looks well only in opengl view :confused:

Ihave checked enable blur, enable line texture and enable focus in preferences → render

Edit: it look like exporting by open GL frames rendering this texture fine but it doesnt look good on other images so its half solution. Of course i can export only a part of the animation by opengl but really im looking for resolving that problem in some other way so i can export everything in one file.

Are you really zoomed in on the final render? What happens with final render is it can only use as many pixels as it has. When we draw the stroke in OpenGL, we use the original texture pixel depth at that time, but when you render you can’t have more pixels than the resolution.


:confused: Thats really dissapointing. So this is not a vector? I dont get it why it wouldnt be… Never the less its clear for me now.