Pencil Texture Delay

By default, pencil textures only show after you finish a stroke. Is there a way for the pencil tool to behave like the brush tool where the texture is showing as you draw?

This is a graphic card issue, either the card doesn’t have enough resources or
the settings of the driver are not optimally configured to deal with the unique
requirements of animation.

If you’re on Windows and have an NVidia card…
Right-click the desktop to open the “NVidia Control Panel”
Go to the section “Manage 3D Settings”
On the “Program Settings” tab make a custom profile for Harmony.

Set the “OpenGL Rendering GPU” to only the NVidia card
Set the “Power Management Mode” to “Prefer Maximum Performance”

Didn’t work for me. It’s a GPU issue? I thought it was the same for everybody that the textures don’t show until you take your pen off your tablet.

This only happens with the pencil tool by the way. The brush shows the textures in real time.

In this video of Harmony 10, an old version but serves the purpose, it updates after the stroke is finished (See 10:00) but Lili does not address this behavior. One would justifiably expect the demonstration hardware to be showing the software at top performance levels as well as this unique behavior to be addressed in a video comparing and analyzing the differences between brush and pencil tool textures:

The alternative is to use the Textured Vector brushes.

So it is a flaw all along. I don’t like using brushes for my line art so I guess I’ll just have to train my eye with the pencil tool.