Pencil strokes won't flatten.


Flatten mode works for me in every format except pencil.
Line building also doesn’t work. I select pencil strokes, then:

Drawing/Optimise/Flatten - Nothing.

I select Line building, I draw pencil strokes, each stroke is separate. I’m stuck.

Same happens to me in Animate and Animate Pro PLE. I can flatten brushes, flatten shapes, flatten pure lines, everything except pencil strokes.

So it seems to vary: some pencil strokes flatten, others won’t. No connection between variable width and fixed width, the behaviour seems arbitrary.

Hope this helps someone to diagnose what is going on here. The brushstrokes with a red horizontal are the ones that won’t flatten. The ones in black DO flatten. I follow the same procedure, some flat, some don’t. Some are variable width, some not.

Maybe play around with converting. Drawing > Convert. Convert to brushes and back again to pencil. Not sure if that would be of any help.

I can convert to brush strokes, then they flatten - but the feature that’s absent then is the way pencil strokes can be made to smoothen into each other as they draw…

Same here

I did install/uninstall. And it just doesn’t work.

It could be the wacom digitizer that causes the issue. I tried flattening lines with no wacom driver installed, and it also did not work. No errors in the message log. (I use Surface Pro)

I already gave up on getting it working correctly. I just use line connect (the one with hammer icon I think) as much as I can if I need a merged lines. So far it works nice but some crossed lines might end up disconnected from the rest. It’s a pain but… looks like that’s the only choice left.


same here.

if i use mouse to draw the pencil lines, it will auto flatten.
if i use tablet pen (like wacom/surface), it will not auto flatten

the optimize > flatten also doesn’t work on highlighted lines that are drawn using tablet pen.

any way to work around this issue?



Found the solution to this issue.

Duplicate the pencil that does not auto flatten, and the new duplicate pencil will be able to perform auto flatten.


Many thanks Donny!

Hmm; I’m still having issues with this (it seemed to work at first blush).

I even completely uninstalled the Wacom driver and re-installed, but the issue keeps coming back. Nuking prefs not working.

Now it seems, via tech support, that registry entries may have to be deleted for another reinstall of wacom drivers.

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Final fix to this problem (one that doesn’t involve a workaround) - I was on the phone with TB tech support, finally figured it out:

It was a Wacom/cintiq issue - solution was to clear the Wacom preferences file - it had become corrupt. Scary thing is, if I’d drawn a ton of pencil strokes, they’d all inherit the failure-to-flatten bug. So if you ever encounter the pencil-stroke-not-flattening issue, clear your Wacom preferences file.


Resolved by deleting the tablet preference file and making a new one using the tablet utility.

Thank You Very Much!!

Will try this tonight.



sometime i used that i feel like drawing it
but sometime stuck what should i do?


No worries!