Pencil Rough Bug

Cuando empiezo a dibujar con un pincel que tiene transparencia, como de sketch de la nada, se me corta el pincel empieza a dibujar líneas cortadas y no puedo ver el trazo completo hasta que renderizo la animación AYUDA PORFAVOR!

When I start to draw with a brush that has transparency, like a sketch out of nowhere, the brush cuts out and starts to draw cut lines and I can’t see the complete stroke until I render the animation PLEASE HELP!

Hello Fredy3105,

Please contact our support department at for your issue when using the brush. They are the team best equipped to help you solve whatever issue you are encountering.

I don’t speak Spanish (I wish though…) but there is a channel on our Discord Server dedicated to Spanish-speaking animators and artists! Feel free to join them here:

I hope this helps!