Pencil Preset Questions

I have a few questions in regards to the pencil customization features.

  1. Saving and removing presets
    Whenever I make or remove old pencil presets, they seem to return after I save and turn off TBH. Not really sure what I’m doing wrong with it, but I would like to hear.

Another thing I want to ask is how can I make more customizations to pencil strokes. Say for example I make a preset that goes from thick to thin and back to thick. Or maybe even give it a slight imperfection look to it. How can I be able to do that?

Thank you in advance

  1. What steps are you going through to delete presets?

  2. Thick to thin range is implemented with the max / min sliders. If you have those dialed in when you save the preset they are in effect each time you choose that preset. You must use a tablet to have pressure sensitive options. A mouse will always produce a fixed line width even if selecting a preset with variable width.

For the imperfections, take a look at existing presets for similar examples. There are support files involved. Dig into the harmony folders and look at the pieces.

Are you using Premium?

I am using the advanced version of the software. Not really sure why it matters, though. As for deleting, I simply just press the pencil with the minus button. And for the sliders, I am very aware of that. It’s just I wanted to see if there are more options for making all kinds of presets. For example, making a preset that starts and ends thick and gets thinner in the middle. (The Fat Ends Thickness preset.)

But I wanted to ask what do you mean about supports?

I am certain you will deny it but, frankly, I find the tone in some of your responses to assistance on this forum discouraging. Just trying to help. Good luck.

Sorry. It’s just that I get a little test over the years.