Pencil lines will not flatten or merge into one line

I want to make a layer slightly see through, but when I turn down the opacity I can see where I used different line strokes. I don’t want that. I want the line art to be one consistent color, not distracting bits of darker and lighter. So I tried to flatten the image to merger all the line into one. But the image will not flatten. I tried deleting my wacom preferences like suggested on a different thread, but nothing seems to work. Someone please help me, I’ve never had this problem before with Story Board Pro and its slowing down my productivity trying to figure out a solution.

Hi SonNeko

Do you have the same problem once the storyboard is rendered into a PDF or movie? The thing about the transparency is that it will always darken overlapping vector lines because of the nature of vector lines.

Another solution is to convert the layer to bitmap by right clicking>convert to bitmap. Keep in mind that this does make the file a bit heavier and has the usual bitmap editing restrictions.


I did a bit of testing since I use Storyboard often but haden’t seen this.

What I discovered was that you can only flatten brush lines. Pencil lines will be a solid line when you try to flatten them.

And you can’t flatten brush and pencil lines.

pencil line are just a stroke of different sizes while brush line is a filled area.

So If you want to flatten an image into one you have to convert the pencil lines to brush lines. Right-click Convert to…

I hope this helps

/ Mattias