Pencil lines very hard to see, or even invisible....

I’m having a lot of headaches with pencil line thickness. If I am trying to draw a line using the pencil tool at about a 2 pixel thickness, I can barely see the line… it comes up looking broken up… almost like a series of dots… unless I zoom in a good deal.

If I either make that line straight, or use the line tool, or rectangle tool, the lines are completely invisible unless I zoom in a good deal.

This has really slowed down and frustrated my workflow, as I can’t draw everything super zoomed in, and if I draw it at a thicker line thickness (usually has to be around 4), then I have to go back and adjust all the line thicknesses afterwords, as well as adjust where the lines meet, being as when you reduce the line thickness, it is apparent the lines aren’t meeting as closely as they were thicker.

I used Animate 2 for 3 or 3 years, and never had this problem. I have see one other person on the forums complain about this, but do not remember seeing any solutions, or if toonboom was working on fixing this bug.

Is there something I can change in the preferences that maybe is accounting for this? Or is Toon Boom working on fixing this issue? It’s really driving me up a wall!

A 2 pixel line may be hard to see depending on the screen resolution or graphic card model. It may help to turn on the “show strokes” feature to outline the thin lines (hotkey K) or menu-View-Show-Show Strokes.

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