Pencil lines and line, rectangle, etc.

Why is it if I select non-uniform pencil line like Tapered and then draw a line, rectangle, ellipse or polyline, the line is uniform and not the selected template? Also, if I use the polyline tool and Auto-Flatten, the lines still are not connected?

The reason I ask is that I enjoy drawing using pencil lines but I always have to take additional steps to either connect the lines or set the lines to different profiles. I can do freehand pencil lines and it retains the profile I selected but not with the above mentioned profiles.

The Pencil line style applies to the pencil tool only and not to the line/polyline/rectangle/ellipse tools which are considered as their own type of tools. I can’t even imagine where one would expect to taper an ellipse or rectangle which is drawn as a shape.

For the polyline, my polyline segments ARE connected whether I have Auto-Flatten checked or not. You should contact support to have a look, there may be something else going on.