Pencil / line stroke thickness and the camera

Hi all

Looking the tutorial videos (, in Animate Pro 2 there are layer properties reference the thickness of pencil lines when tracking with the camera. E.g. when the camera tracks into a scene the pencil lines get thicker and thicker, the properties prevent this from happening.

Is there any way to achieve this in Animate 2?



Oh, that’s not fair! Only upgraded from v1 thinking my problem was solved - back to the drawing board ???

Is there a way to get the line thickness to work in symbols?

Why a “Pro” function? I’m VERY disappoint and cannot understand the logic behind this choice.

The logic behind it is the line has to be drawn somewhere. I think the fact it is a network view module is probably why since network view is a huge selling point for pro.

No, this is a Pro tool only.


Yes, you can just double-click to go inside the symbol and then you can adjust the property inside.


It is an advanced feature in terms of its implementation behind the scenes, as well as how you would use the feature.