pencil line quick fill

i work mainly in manga studio and there is a tool called lasso fill. This tool acts like a lasso tool where you draw a shape and upon releasing, the shape is automatically filled with a color.
Is this kind of feature in harmony? If not, then why not? I think its a extremely useful tool and should be available in harmony. It is especially good for lineless styles and huge time safer unlike the current pencil tool where you have to draw first the invisible line and hope the paint tool will fill the area because of gap issues. Also when there are many invisible lines in the way, you gonna have to use the paint tool multiple times to fill the desired shape with the color.

If the pencil tool or even the stroke tool had a feature that autoconnects both ends and automatically fills the shape with a color, it would be great.
Many companies also like using animations that use lineless style so it would be a popular tool to use.

I think its a must have addition to the drawing tools.

You can create a stroke which is an option under the paint bucket which does a very similar thing. There is also an option in each paint bucket to fill a gap as well which works fairly well, it can slow down the process since it seems to be calculating the gap to correctly fill it. 3:11 here is the tool shown that i have in mind. I figured that since harmony has the option to autofill circles and squares, it could have a autofill on freehand shapes to speed up a process in many ways. With some tweeking, even anime studio has a tool capable of that.
Using the stroke tool and bucket fill has two negativ points by me which is, the closing gap will often be generated at places i may not want it to do or it simply sometimes wont fill at all despite the gap is really small. another negative point of the stroke and fill process is that i have to keep switching between the tools which also very often leaves a bunch of additional lines outside the fill that i then have to erase manually. It gets especially time consuming on more advanced graphic.

If the program could have a similar tool like the lassofil, it wouldnt need to calculate more than closing the starting and end point of each stroke and then fill it with a color. For a artist like me who has a lot of projects that involve lineless style, it would be a huge time saver. It could also be a very effective shading tool.

I don’t believe Auto Paint is used in Harmony, but it does have a feature to color multiple drawings for frame by frame animation, Harmony does have a snap and align feature to snap vector Lines with the contour editor tool, Harmony is considered a professional animating drawing software so it doesn’t have too many automated features although it is easier to use than Flash and can make far better artwork