Pencil Line Quality

Hello I have been using Harmony for many years. I love it but I usually scan in my pencil drawings and let Harmony vectorize them. I loose that pencil quality and the lines look too clean for me.

Can someone tell me how to import my clean up drawings and color them in Harmony without loosing that line quality. Would I paint under the line? If so, does that mean I can’t use the paint bucket tool and will have to color each drawing by painting with the brush underneath?

Thank you

If you have Art Layers support (I understand Essentials doesn’t), you copy your line to the Line Layer, then select all the line and press *.

That should create the color art in the Color Layer for you to fill it with the paint bucket and leave the lines untouched in the Line Art layer.

I do have art later support. Do I import my drawings as grayscale?

Thank you for the reply.

Sorry, I don’t usually use scanned drawings, I draw directly in the Line Layer with a textured Brush. If you try to paint in the same layer with the pain bucket, sometimes the lines will lose the texture and will be converted to regular vectors (making them into an ugly mess). That’s why I suggested that method.

Did you try using only bitmaps for the layers? I find bitmap drawing in Harmony unbearable, but maybe you can use it (you’d have to convert the layer from vector to bitmap in the Layer Settings)

Thats ok. I usually just import my drawings into Harmony and vectorize the lines but I am tired of that look. I really want to preserve my line quality.

I agree, bitmap drawing in Harmony isn’t quite ideal. Perhaps consider using ClipStudio or Krita for the bitmap drawings and rough animation, and import the frames into harmony?

The vector brushes in Harmony 15 are quite decent to draw, they consume a lot of resources though and they’ll tend to slow down the machine with a drawing with certain amount of information. However, it’s a nice improvement from the previous versions.