Pencil Like Feel

Hello, im not a programmer or anything, I am more of a traditional animator before the flash tween look came about. I simply only care about drawing and cleanup as naturally as possible.

I really would love a pencil feel that caters to the non computer user. I know you can draw with vectors and add texture but I really wish that I could get a real pencil feeling with opacity as well.… I love the way it feels when I draw in that program. I can change the drawing cursor to like a tilted line and draw very naturally. However toonboom wins in every other department. If it were possible to combine bitmap drawing and vector drawing in the same program I would be a pretty happy animator and enjoy drawing on the computer a lot more. Combining the feel and ease of bitmap drawing with the speed and flexibility of computer vector drawings for cleanup will be a miracle and would speed up production by cutting out the middle man.


Have you tried Animate PLE and if so is the way the pen handled in that software what you are looking for?

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Hey Ugo.

Yeah I tried out animate ple! Its not bad, I like how they simplified it from digital pro but I still prefer toonboom studio myself. Its much faster/easier animating in toomboom studio for me. Anyway I just wanted to give my two cents to the suggestion forum from a guy who’s a traditional animator and who’s most important feature is simply more natural drawing. Even after all these years pencil testing in pressure sensitive textured vectors still feels like using a thin marker to sketch instead of a light pencil. Thanks a lot for listening. Hope my input helped. Take care toonboom gang : )


For what it’s worth, I’ve been doing all my work on paper with pencils, then importing into photoshop, cleaning up, and importing into TBS. File sizes get large sometimes as png files are needed for me, but it works. Does get a little sluggish after awhile though.

certainly would work, a lot of steps.

The day animations programs combine the power of vectors and the ease of drawing with bitmap together will be a great day.
Basically combine the best of toonboom with the best of tvpaint. The best 2 animation programs…