Pencil flat/round problem, brushes

Trying to make some custom pencils and brushes and ran into the problem that Harmony seems to ignore the pencil settings for round and flat (always looks as if flat is used. (Harmony 11, Yosemite). Is that a bug or maybe just me?

Also, is it possible to make nice painting brushes for bitmap drawing like in PS? Settings seem quite limiting there?

Yeah, I’m having horrible results with presets in general… The “Start” “End” and “Join” settings are never saved… (Note, I’m focusing on pencil presets only)

I ended up just going to preferences>drawing>Under “Options” there is a “Default Pencil Line Tip” dropdown. I set mine to flat, personally, since I tend to want that most often…

Been talking to customer support, but I think there’s a language barrier or something there… honestly, I’ve found that I get the best results using “thickness stencils” and avoiding the presets of the pencil altogether. To set these, just click on a pencil line you have with the “Select Tool”. Look at the “Tool Presets” window with the pencil line selected, and check over the pencil settings - if they look good to you, click on the little document icon on the upper righthand corner of the Presets List and select “New Thickness Stencil”. (Optional) Select it in your preset list, and then go back to that same icon and “Rename Thickness Stencil” if you want to, so that you can keep your different stencils straight.

I’ve noticed that pencil presets don’t pop up in the select tool preset list, but the thickness stencils pop up in the pencil presets list, so the thickness stencil has been the best option for a variety of reasons to me.

Let me know if you get the same results or if this works for you too, because I’m sorta surprised this isn’t an issue anyone else has really brought up on the forums. I’ve tried exporting and importing presets with horrible results as well. It’s bizarre…

I’m using Harmony 11.1, btw.

Oh, and to answer the question about nice brushes and all, I think this tutorial might be able to help you out: