Pencil Editor not moving freely

Been trying to adjust some lines for a rig I’m working on, but the Pencil Editor won’t move around freely. The points will only move side to side and won’t move anywhere else (i.e. up and down) Here’s an example of what I’m trying to do in the following video. -

In the linked video she is switching between the Pencil Editor and Contour Editor. As far as I know the Pencil Editor works in relation to the centerline, that is specifically at a right angle depending on its curve. You can add and delete points. You can grab and drag an edge independently between points. You do not have the freedom to move points like you do with the Contour Editor.

I suspect this restriction has to do with the inherent characteristics of the context. These shapes are supposed to depict pencil lines and should retain the typical appearance of pencil lines. They are not like drawings which you may desire/need full freedom to manipulate into any imaginable form. They built in some restraints to prevent results which do not look like drawn lines.

Alright, thanks! Might be happening to me since I’m using lines from the paint brush.

The Pencil Editor would not have any effect on lines created using the Brush tool.

It simply does not recognize anything except pencil lines as they are constructed uniquely.

The Contour Editor works on brush lines and pencil lines but not the Pencil Editor.