Pencil doesn't show drawing? also paintbrush turns canvas black until I let go?

I am a new user, so I know close to nothing. Anyway, So when I try to draw with the pencil, it doesn’t show anything until I let go. This is really frustrating because I can’t see how the drawing is looking.
I have a similar problem with the paint brush. It turns the whole canvas black until I let go. Can this be fixed?

I have exactly the same problem and cannot seem to find the answer. I’ve read a couple of things about changing Render and OpenGL settings but I can’t make any sense of it. Are you using a tablet? I’m using a Bamboo, not sure if that makes any difference. Hopefully someone will help figure it out soon!

This is related to the graphic card’s ability to display OpenGL. Try updating your graphic card driver and if you’re on Windows, disable the Aero desktop theme by right-clicking the desktop, selecting “Personalize” and using instead one of the Basic & High Contrast themes instead. If it doesn’t help, switch the software to use Direct3D on the Display tab of the preferences (requires a relaunch of the software after modifying the setting).

this is also happening for me, but with the drawing of shapes with the shape tool. I have looked for a fix but cannot find one. I’m using Harmony.
Can anyone help?

@kevbayliss wrong forum but same cause - your graphic card may not support OpenGL very well.