Pencil Check images don't appear.

Hi,Major problem with Pencil Check images in a scene.For some reason, a dozen of my images (around 15 on 158) doesn’t appear at all (in Camera View or Playback View), neither in my original Pencil Check scene or in Digital.I’ve also tried to reimport my missing drawings (File/Import/Drawing), but it doesn’t work at all. Also tried this in PCP and Digital Pro.What bugs me the most is that the missing images in the program have a normal file .tvg size in my Element folder (all my images are around 400k, even those who don’t appear in the program, so they’re not empty??).The problem is that it’s a stop-motion scene so I can’t scan drawings a second time to correct this bug!Does anyone have any idea how I can correct this?Really, that’s the first time that I see this bug and it happens with the worst case scenario (complex stop-motion scene).Thank you so much. I don’t know what to do! :’(p.s. I also have access to Harmony, maybe I can use it to recover my missing frames? I’ve tried to use the unvectorize option in the control center but it doesn’t seem to work.

Why don’t you go ahead and email and see if they can assist you.

Are you using the Educational version of Digital Pro? It may be that when you saved your images in Digital Pro is saves it as an educational format, which then can’t be opened in the retail version. This is just my guess - but we really would need to take a look at the files to verify what’s going on.