pencil / brush stroke improvements

Hello Toon Boom Team.

Would it be possible to do something about the pencil lines/brushes?

> The tools are working perfectly if your brushes/pencil lines don’t contain a lot of ancherpoints.

But what if your linework contain a lot of details and that you can’t afford to smooth the lines because it modifies too much the line output?

With a lot of ancher points you can’t:
- change the brush thickness easily
- bend a line (pencil or brush) easily

> making your drawing first with the pencil tool and than transform it to a brush doesn’t solve the problem because:

- i don’t want to change manually every single line for creating different thickness on the whole drawing…
(And i want total controll over the lines, not some kind of ‘random’ thickness solution)

- pencil doensn’t support line fade in/out which means i should change them by myself manually after the brush conversion…

Toon Boom is pretty useless to me if i want to go paperless and do something else than smoothed outlines like in cartoons. I am sure that’s the reason why that you can’t make “anime” with Toon Boom. (Except if you think that ‘Teen Titans’ is an anime… :frowning: )

Please take a look to the vectorial software “Manga Studio”.
A lot of ancher points doesn’t make any problem for these purposes.

Here an “extreme” exemple of what would be technically a nightmare to achieve with Toon Boom Animate Pro and its paperless features:

Dear team, don’t think i made these remarks just for fun. I use daily Manga Studio, TV Paint and Toon Boom. I analysed all those softwares very closely for my professional purposes and there is a pretty interesting gap in the market to be filled by Toon Boom!

I would be glad to help your team if more practical details are required.

Kind regards,